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Job Search Strategist and Employment Coach


  • Founder of Joyful Hire
  • Certified Resume Strategist (CRS)
  • Certificate of Human Resource Management
  • Career Development Practitioner
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • Registered Holistic Nutritionist
  • Local Public Speaker
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences

About Sarah

Job searching is hard work. If you've ever felt overwhelmed with your job search or discouraged with your results, it is important to remember one thing: you are not alone!

Like many job searching professionals and people trying to develop their careers, my own career path was non-linear and honestly, a little confusing.

When you're multi-passionate and go through multiple career changes, it can be easy to feel lost and as if you're a "master of none". But this isn't true.

Before finding my own fulfilling career as a Job Search Strategist and Employment Coach, I was on a path that didn't align with who I was as a person.

I always felt like something was wrong with me, like I would never reach my full potential, and like I was failing at life because I didn't belong.

I realized that I felt this way because I wasn't using the skills that I possessed in a way that I considered valuable to the world around me.

In other words, I realized that I was wasting my own potential. These realizations helped to fuel a brave choice: to find meaningful work that made me happy, even if that meant leaving my stable job and making some sacrifices. Why? Because everyone deserves to feel fulfilled at work. It was only after making this decision that things finally started changing for me.

It was only after making this decision that I started feeling truly joyful in my career. Job searching isn't just about "finding a job". It's about giving your life meaning, purpose, and helping you experience satisfaction, confidence, and, most importantly, Joy at work.

The process may be daunting but being in the position to explore unexpected career avenues or previously neglected desires and passions can lead to a lifetime of gratification (and a lot of fun).

I now have a job that I genuinely love and that reflects my authentic self. And with that, I have given myself the power of understanding my own value and always pushing myself to succeed.

Now it's your turn.

One important key to success is self-confidence. And important to self-confidence is preparation

- Arthur Ashe
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